Dark Wing #5, Dark Wing

With such awe-inspiring visuals, Dark Wing #5 (Heavy Metal Elements) ups the ante on the conflicts and romantic tension in a mythology-driven installment. Dark Wing pushes forward in all the right places for an exciting issue.  

Plot: “The recent discovery made by the Council of Cobras puts them in direct collision with Benedict Gunn. A man who never shies away from confrontations, Benn directly confronts the Council. Ideas and arguments are wielded like sharp swords, counter arguments and visions are thrown like swift spears but whatever the outcome…The future of the proud Quail civilization and planet Tiberius will forever change.”

Here are 5 reasons why you should read Dark Wing #5:

5) The Captain!

Previously, we discovered Ben, the captain of the ship, is actually having a fling with Pon, the mechanic. There’s also someone else that Ben has been holding his feelings for. The unrequited love scenario drives a wedge between him and Pon. Ben is discovering what he needs in order to become a leader and a human being. 

4) The Writing!

With his main protagonist, writer Matthew Medney examines Gunn in his decision-making during action and debate. It’s interesting to see how Gunn interacts with his superiors, like the Council.The lettering by Saida Temofonte hints at a Council driven by their own ambitions and secret agendas. 

3) The Art!

The costume design by artist German Ponce are quite impressive to look at. The lines on the space suits remind me of those futuristic outfits from Tron: Legacy. Halfway through the narrative, Ponce gets the opportunity to explore otherworldly creatures and environments; which is quite stunning as well. 

2) The Colors!

The space suits really pop out thanks to Protobunker Studios’ glossy colors. I’m a huge fan of the dialogue balloons having their own specific color when different characters are speaking.

1) A Fun Read!

After five issues in, I have not had a single disappointment as a reader with Dark Wing! I love how this comic book develops its characters while boasting the impressive visuals for the sci-fi genre.

Dark Wing #5 arrives in stores on June 9th, 2021.

By Jorge Solis