Microdosing Official Poster

Luchastyle Studios presents a wild and psychedelic black comedy, Microdosing, starring Patrick Adam Peña and Faleena. Writer/director/actor Patrick Adam Peña mixes sci-fi and horror elements with the slacker genre for some really great moments with witty dialogue. 

The Plot: Ignacio (Peña) starts to microdose mushrooms for his anxiety. But these mushrooms are an alien fungus, and something isn’t right.

Here are 5 reasons why you should check out Microdosing:

1) Patrick Adam Peña!

Patrick Adam Peña does a great job created an all-American dude style for Ignacio. At times feeling disenchanted, Ignacio becomes wrapped into a surreal adventure. As the story spins out of control, Peña is able to bring out huge laughs from as the straight man  in a comedy. 

2) The Camerawork!

There is always something to look at in the shots. Unfortunately, indie films sometimes add nothing to the background and showcase their low budget instead. The purple lighting, the wardrobe, and props all feel part of this surreal world. 

3) The Animation!

The popup animation segments makes the narrative stand out and seem even zanier. The animated spots add a break to the story arc while pushing for more absurd comedy. 

2) The Direction!

With his solid direction, Peña is able to capture a playful and raunchy vibe about weed culture. The theme by Eros Cartechnini echoes the vibe while the colorful camerawork follows the wild twists in the narrative. The stoner flick would not have been as inventive if Pena did not have a firm grasp on tone.

1) A Wild Time!

Microdosing has bizarre spurts of humor and originality. Very interesting to see how Patrick Adam Peña juggles the roles of writer/director/actor with incredible ease.

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