The Devil's Left Hand

The Devil’s Left Hand is a refreshingly well-made supernatural thriller (starring Yan Birch and Laurene Landon) driven by believable performances. Director Harley Wallen delivers the spooky thrills of a possession movie and the necessary chemistry of an exceptional ensemble cast.  

The Plot: “During a séance at a housewarming party, a demonic entity comes through the medium, wreaking havoc and terrifying the partygoers. The demon then begins stalking and killing them, one by one.”

5) Kaiti Wallen!

Wallen does an excellent job in the opening sequence as her character Cassidy explains the tone of the thriller through dialogue. Cassidy is weirded out by séance-gone-wrong and hints at being trauma from an event that happened in the past. Her facial expressions work to build audience sympathy for herself and another character. Richie.

4) Kris Reilly!

As Richie, Reilly embodies a troubled protagonist haunted by past mistakes. Reilly draws viewers in as Richie ends up investigating the events he wishes he could forget. Richie captures Richie’s paranoia as he suspects everything and everyone around him. 

3) Angelina Danielle Cama!

Through her portrayal Tiffany, Angelina Danielle Cama stands out from the ensemble with one of her suspenseful sequences. Came expresses fear from her facial expressions and confusion through her body language.

2) The Direction!

Director Harley Wallen creates an claustrophobic vibe within the interiors. The danger is closing in on the protagonists as they end up at their destination. The cinematography by Michael Kettenbeil highlights the primary colors of the background to build the tension.

1) A Solid Thriller!

The Devil’s Left Hand captures sympathy for its character while generating some solid thrills. If you’re a fan of possession flicks, make sure you don’t miss out on this one!

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By Jorge Solis