Scatena & Rosner Films presents the action-driven crime drama, The Last Deal, starring Anthony Molinari and Jeffri Lauren. Director Jonathan Salemi has done an exceptional job portraying an out-of-luck protagonist racing against the clock for one final score.

The Plot: Black market marijuana dealer Vince is living the high life in Los Angeles, but everything changes when new laws pass making cannabis legal. With limited dispensary licenses available, Vince may be squeezed out of the business. He’s desperate to make one final score, but borrows money from the wrong people.

Here are 5 reasons why you should watch The Last Deal:

5) Anthony Molinari!

Anthony Molinari delivers a phenomenal performance as Vincent, who attempts to outsmart his destined fate and everyone around him. Molinari captures a protagonist who is way out of his league while smart enough to use all the resources around him.

4) Jeffri Lauren!

Jeffri Lauren has such captivating energy when she enters the screen as Tabitha. Lauren’s scenes with Molinari work so well because of their believable chemistry.

3) The Direction!

Writer/director Jonathan Salemi delivers a timely narrative about the dark side of history. Bootleggers also attempted to get rich quick when they knew Prohibition ended its ban on alcohol. In a parallel story arc, Vince needs to make enough money for himself before cannabis becomes legal.

2) The Cinematography!

The camerawork by Dominic Lopez captures a dark underbelly with bright primary colors. The interiors have their own color settings that evoke a moody atmosphere.

1) A Solid Thriller!

The Last Deal is a grounded and solid crime thriller that works because of the main actor’s charismatic presence. Crime enthusiasts are definitely going to dig this one!

The Last Deal arrives in theaters February 3rd and on Digital Feb 7th.

By Jorge Solis