free to a bad home

HaleHouse Productions presents the horror anthology, Free To A Bad Home, starring Jake C. Young and Miranda Nieman. Directors Kameron Hale and Scott Halle keep the tensions and capture an outstanding performance in each the three spooky tales.

THE PLOT: “The lives of three strangers — a widow, a thief, and an addict — are terrorized by cursed objects and those that spread them.”

Here are 5 reasons why you should watch Free To A Bad Home:

5) Miranda Nieman!

Miranda Nieman delivers a captivating performance as the heartbroken Amy. In the first segment, Amy is a young widow who returns to her old home. Nieman wonderfully portrays how the unbreakable chain of grief and depression can hold onto a person. Even though Amy wants to move on, she feels cursed to stay behind in the past.  

4) Jake C. Young!

Jake C. Young delivers a solid performance as the conflicted thief, Ryan. Just when Ryan thinks he has hit the jackpot, he discovers a human being trapped inside the home he broke into. Young understands how to express the internal conflict within Ryan. On one hand, he has to escape, but on the other hand, he has to  do the right thing.

3) Olivia Dennis!

In the final segment, Olivia Dennis delivers a standout performance as the addict Julia. Viewers follow Julia as she’s drawn to the horrors of her own addiction. In an interesting metaphor, her addiction spreads like a zombie virus and infects her other friends. Mind you, I could be wrong about this, but this is how this film critic interpreted the screenplay by Kameron Hale and Scott Halle.

2) The  Cinematography!

William E. Newton does a great job making sure each segment has a different palette. Notice how in the second installment, the mystery woman is kept in the shadows. In the final story, the color are much more vibrant and eye-popping because Julia is being seduced by her addiction.

1) A Solid Anthology!

Free To A Bad Home is a solid anthology that holds onto the viewer’s attention with each segment. I’m really nitpick about anthology because there’s always one part that feels out of place or should have been removed. Thankfully, not with this one.

Readers can find out more about Free To A Bad Home here.

By Jorge Solis