Ghost Waits, Arrow

ARROW presents the hilarious and emotionally moving supernatural comedy, A Ghost Waits, starring MacLeod Andrews and Natalie Walker. Writer/director Adam Stovall manages to blend office comedy and romantic comedy tropes into a sentimental and quirky film.  

“Tasked with renovating a neglected rental home, handyman Jack (Andrews) quickly finds out why the tenants keep leaving in droves – this house is haunted. The ghost in question is Muriel (Walker), herself employed from beyond the veil to keep the home vacant. Against the odds, Jack and Muriel find they have a lot in common… pulse notwithstanding. Having found a kindred spirit in an otherwise lonely existence, they must fight for their newfound affection as pressure mounts for them each to fulfill their ‘cross-purposes.’”

Here are 5 reasons why you should watch A Ghost Waits:

5) MacLeod Andrews!

Jack is a cynical slacker who goes through the motion of his everyday chores. MacLeod Andrews plays the sarcastic protagonist with heart and realness. Andrews adds depth to the role as Jack’s tough exterior starts to crack and show vulnerability.   

4) Natalie Walker!

Muriel is literally stuck at a dead-end job that gives her no purpose.  Natalie Walker adds so much warmth to Muriel’s persona. Walker’s comedic timing comes through when Muriel delivers her spunky comebacks against Jack. 

3) The Themes!

Jack and Muriel are two lost souls meandering through their daily routines. Andrews and Walker share instant chemistry that helps with the budding attraction between their characters. Not only does Sydney Vollmer add more to the humor as the rookie Rosie, but her character also brings unwanted attention as a younger competitor to Muriel. 

2) The Direction!

The black and white cinematography by Michael C. Potter enlivens the spontaneity of the humorous dialogue and wit. The camerawork reminds me of the indie spirit behind Kevin Smith’s classic, Clerks. With his main leads in place, director Adam Stovall spins a suburban household into an office setting and a romantic backdrop.  

1) A Quirky Romantic Comedy!

Audiences will definitely fall in love with this quirky romantic comedy. A Ghost Waits really is worth watching with a special someone. 

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By Jorge Solis