Sator, 1091 Pictures

1091 Pictures presents the experimentally cryptic and mysterious supernatural thriller, Sator, starring Aurora Lowe and Gabriel Nicholson. Writer/director Jordan Graham conjures up the mystique of the woods and the paranoia of the disturbed with this horror movie. 

“In a desolate forest home to little more than the decaying remnants of the past, a broken family is further torn apart by a mysterious death. Adam, guided by a pervasive sense of dread, hunts for answers only to learn that they are not alone; an insidious presence by the name of Sator has been observing his family, subtly influencing all of them for years in an attempt to claim them.”

Here are 5 reasons why you should watch Sator:

5) Gabriel Nicholson!

Gabriel Nicholson captures the dread and suspense as his character, Adam, dives deep into madness. As the narrative continues, Nicholson’s physical look worsens as Adam becomes even more deranged. Nicholson hits the emotional core with his minimal dialogue. 

4) The Minimalist Approach!

There are big moments said through little nuances. The fear of the unknown, especially in regards to mental illness, captures the overall mood of the film. Is Sator real? Or is someone playing a cruel joke? The minimalist and slow-burn approach adds a flair of mystery. 

3) The Atmosphere!

Thanks to the cinematography by director Jordan Graham, you will never want to step foot in the woods again. The trees and surrounding darkness build such a creepy vibe, reminding audiences this is more about style. 

2) The Direction!

Also, Jordan Graham goes out of his way to handle producing, writing, directing, editing, and scoring duties! What I enjoyed about the movie is how Graham keeps audiences guessing whether the cause is supernatural or mental illness. It’s all in Adam’s head, right? I mean right? 

1) A Genuine Creepfest! 

Sator is a chilling and atmospheric thriller! This horror movie will genuinely creep you out!

Sator will be available to purchase and rent on February 9th, 2021 on iTunes, AppleTV, Amazon, Google Play, and Microsoft.

By Jorge Solis

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