Anything for Jackson, shudder

Shudder presents the gripping and cerebral supernatural thriller, Anything For Jackson, starring Julian Richings and Sheila McCarthy. Director Justin G. Dyck mixes elements of crime, dark comedy, and exorcism into an effective and dramatic examination of grief.

“After losing their only grandson in a car accident, grief-stricken Audrey and Henry, a doctor, kidnaps his pregnant patient with the intention of performing a “Reverse Exorcism”, putting Jackson inside her unborn child.   It doesn’t take long to figure out Jackson isn’t the only ghost the grandparents invited into their home. Now it’s a race against time for the couple, as well as the pregnant woman to figure a way out of the haunting they’ve set upon themselves.”  

5) Julian Richings!

It’s very rare to find someone who can be both the protagonist/antagonist at the same time, but Julian Richings makes it look all too easy. Henry (Richings) is a man of science struggling to understand the unexplainable. Yet Henry is grounded by his love for his wife, even if those emotions will lead to his downfall. 

4) Sheila McCarthy!

Sheila McCarthy is delightfully the movie’s secret weapon. Her chemistry with Richings keeps the movie’s steady pace engaging at all times. McCarthy’s witty delivery adds the much-needed comic relief after a tense introduction. 

3) Konstantina Mantelos!

Konstantina Mantelos delivers a riveting performance as Becker, the pregnant woman in need of rescuing. Mantelos has limited physical capabilities because her character is confined to her bed; so she has to rely on her facial expressions. Mantelos’ somber expressions capture her role as the moral conscience who constantly reminds Henry that he can redeem himself.  

2) The Scares!

Not only has screenwriter Keith Cooper crafted the character dynamics, but director Justin G. Dyck has also added some really good scares. These scares range from bloody to suspenseful. During one of those ghost scares, Vincent Whiteman’s editing finds sneaky and creative ways to give audiences a layout of Audrey and Henry’s home.

1) A Gripping Thriller!

Anything for Jackson is driven by interesting characters, knockout performances, and bloody scares. This one is going to be really enjoyable for horror fans. 

Anything for Jackson will be streaming on Shudder December 3rd, 2020.

By Jorge Solis