Breakdown, Thomas Haley

Avail Films presents audiences with a compelling psychological thriller, Breakdown, which also works as a gripping solo drama performance starring Thomas Haley. Actor/director Thomas Haley examines the mental and physical deterioration of the main protagonist traumatized by extraordinary circumstances.  

A mysterious virus has wiped out much of the world’s population, with the remaining sick being corralled in quarantine zones, as one man fights to find a cure to save humanity, and himself.

Here are 5 reasons why you should watch Breakdown:

5) Thomas Haley!

Breakdown from Avail Entertainment LLC on Vimeo.

As Tim Reynolds, Thomas Haley’s performance provides a clear sense of his character’s pain to audiences. Tim is crushed by the heavy burden of hopelessness and loneliness. We visually see the wear-and-tear of Tom’s isolation from the makeup by Elina Chen and the claustrophobic cinematography by Dan Jagels. 

4) Brooklyn Haley!

With the presence of Brooklyn Haley, the movie steers away from its doom-and-gloom and throws in a supporting character to add levity. As Kimberly, Brooklyn Haley brings in her own charisma to touch on the mood of sentimentality, without being schmaltzy.

3) Jessica Cameron!

For a bit of cool trivia, did you know Jessica Cameron shows up in the opening scene? Yep, the star and director of Truth or Dare kickstarts the movie. And that’s a pretty big deal because Cameron does a phenomenal job setting up the movie’s somber tone. I knew what type of movie I’m watching because of her scene. 

2) The Direction!

The screenplay by Dan Jagels does a fine job of subverting audience expectations. It’s not really a medical thriller; the deadly virus is just part of the background. Haley’s direction focuses on character drama. And while doing so, he’s moving from the macrocosm to the microcosm. 

1) A Gripping Drama!

Breakdown spins something fresh and emotional about being the last man on earth. Viewers will be definitely moved by Haley’s gripping performance.

Breakdown is available in the US and UK on Amazon and Vimeo on Demand.

By Jorge Solis