Bubba Ho-Tep #4. Army Of Darkness

An action-packed conclusion, Army Of Darkness Vs. Bubba Ho-Tep #4 (Dynamite Entertainment and IDW Publishing) is “all shook up” with monsters in this groovy crossover event. These two cult icons are ready to “swallow your soul” with their hijinks!

Following an unscheduled crash-landing in Graceland, Ash must quickly dust himself off and do what he does best-defending Necronomicons from Evil! As if plummeting into the King’s mansion wasn’t bad enough, Bubba enlists an undead Elvis impersonator to take on everyone’s favorite deadite-slayer while the fate of the real Elvis remains unknown.

Here are 5 reasons to get Army Of Darkness Vs. Bubba Ho-Tep #4:

5) What Happened Before!

From Evil Dead, Ash witnessed his only friends become possessed by demons. After living at a retirement home in Bubba Ho-Tep, Elvis Presley found himself too old to fight against an ancient evil Mummy. After fighting against each other, they suddenly found themselves attacked by the Deadites in Las Vegas and on a crashing plane.

4) The Writing!

Writer Scott Duvall delivers  an incredibly fiery showdown between Ash and Deadite Elvis. Duvall does a great job keeping up with Ash’s hilarious one-liners while adding action to the mix. Letterer Taylor Esposito bolds certain words during the fast-paced action sequences. 

3) The Artwork!

The kinetic energy of Vincenzo Federici’s illustrations is always on display. The drawings capture Ash being tossed around in the air, like a rag-doll. I have absolutely been loving Federici’s drawings since the first issue.

2) The Colors!

I love Michele Monte’s trippy green colors on Deadite Elvis, which looks sickly and gross . Notice how Ash’s ripped blue shirt stands out in the dark-lit pages. Because of the blue tones, you can easily tell where Ash is in the burning rubble.

1) A Fantastic Read!

A satisfying conclusion, Army Of Darkness Vs. Bubba Ho-Tep #4 has been a very fun read because of its two leading protagonists. Since the beginning, Army Of Darkness Vs. Bubba Ho-Tep has captured the cinematic flair and style of both fan-favorite horror franchises. 

Army Of Darkness Vs. Bubba Ho-Tep #4 arrives in stores June 5th, 2019.

By Jorge Solis

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