Greenlight, Horror Collective

The Horror Collective presents cinema as meta commentary within a psychological thriller in Greenlight, starring Chase Williamson and Caroline Williams. Co-writer/director Graham Denman dives deep into Hollywood satire and black comedy in an ironic horror feature.  

A director’s dream job quickly descends into a nightmare when he is forced to film a real-life murder. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should watch Greenlight:

5) Chase Williamson!


Chase Williamson is incredibly compelling as the earnest and naive filmmaker Jack, the everyday man caught in an extraordinary situation. In the movie-within-a-movie subplot, Jack (Williamson) struggles with his own creative control and being a businessman in a twisted moral dilemma. Is Chase willing to let someone die in order to fulfill his own Hollywood dreams?

4) Chris Browning!  

Chris Browning is gleefully menacing, charming, manipulative and sleazy as Moseby, who offers the Faustian deal to Jack. Representing the seedy and ugly side of Hollywood, Moseby knows audiences will pay to watch a real-life murder on the big screen. An amazing pair to watch, Browning and Williamson have such engaging chemistry when Moseby and Jack interact.

3) Nicole Alexandra Shipley!

The narrative also dives deep into the lives of the cast/crew members, including Nicole Alexandra Shipley and Caroline Williams. Nicole Alexandra Shipley is great with Sarah’s snarky dialogue as her character comments on low budget filmmaking. Adding levity to the nail-biting tension, Shipley and Williams capture the dark side of acting in the third act’s riveting meta commentary. 

2) The Direction!

Director Graham Denman does a fantastic job balancing Hollywood satire with behind-the-scenes drama on a movie set. Notice how the sleek cinematography by Powell Robinson adds eye-popping colors during Jack’s descent into the Hollywood underbelly. Denman’s commentary about show business may come across as merciless, but it never succumbs to bitterness. 

1) A Twisted Character Drama!


With its smart concept, Greenlight lands each sardonic jab at Hollywood and the filmmaking process. Audiences will definitely enjoy the wicked insider take of the movie industry. 

Greenlight will arrive on VOD and Digital on February 25th, 2020. 

By Jorge Solis