The Butcher, Avail

Avail Entertainment presents the blood-soaked and bone-chilling trailer to The Butcher, starring Maria Olsen and Noel Jason Scott. Writer/editor/director Michael Moutsatsos delivers a gory and dark slasher that contains all kinds of vicious kills. 

Thaddeus Hyatt (Michael Moutsatsos) is a chef who has mad cow. He kidnaps foreigners, kills them, injects his own blood into them, then feeds their meat to unsuspecting folks in his restaurants.

Here are 5 reasons why we love The Butcher trailer:

5) Welcome To The 90s!

Maria Olsen as Beatrice Hyatt

Something horrifying happened to a group of tourists during their visit to Los Angeles. In the year of 1995, when Michael Jordan returned to the NBA after his semi-retirement and O.J. Simpson was found innocent, the group of tourists became victims of a notorious serial killer. Lurking around West Hollywood, Thaddeus Hyatt was on the prowl, searching for a new victim to claim.

4) The Ensemble!

In the horror flick, the ensemble cast includes Maria Olsen as Beatrice Hyatt, Noel Jason Scott can be seen as Mr. Cremator, and Sam Mason plays Slayer.

3) It’s A Festival Darling!

The Butcher has been selected for 19 festivals and has currently won 9 awards. Among those trophies, The Butcher was awarded Best Indie Film at the Italian Film Days festival. Moutsatsos also won for Best Actor at the 52 Weeks Film Festival.

2) The Gore!

As you can see with the gory trailer, the footage starts off with a loud scream. Serial killer Thaddeus Hyatt appears to be eating the flesh of his victims after torturing them in the shower. In the gruesome scene, Hyatt bashes a man’s head in with a big hammer as blood splatters all over his face. 

1) The Horror! The Horror!

The Butcher from Avail Entertainment LLC on Vimeo.

If you are a gore-hound looking for a sweet fix, then you definitely don’t want to miss out on The Butcher!

The Butcher is now available on Amazon Prime, VOD and Avail TV. Readers can find out more about The Butcher here:

By Jorge Solis