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Dark Wing #1 (Heavy Metal Elements) kickstarts a thrilling sci-fi adventure that readers will undeniably find attractive. With their first installment, what writer Matthew Medney and artist German Ponce have done is created a visually stunning comic with memorable action sequences. 

The Dark Wing was once a planet turned into a spaceship by human-like people known as the Quails. The Dark Wing searches the cosmos for a solar system to call home. Piloted by the legendary Benedict Gunn, the exploration of this gargantuan ship is an adventure like no other. But when Captain Gunn pulls a daring interstellar maneuver, he and his crew will have to pay the price.

Here are 5 reasons why you should read Dark Wing #1:

5) The Story!

From start to finish, Medney is able to keep the momentum moving at a fast pace.  Benedict Gunn is a stoic protagonist kept under constant pressure and tension. The lettering showcases Gunn’s no-nonsense personality while emphasizing Pon’s spunky humor. 

4) The Artwork!

Ponce does a fantastic job capturing the action in his aerial shots. The reader feels like they’re in the middle of the explosions, space dives, and swerves. Helping to distinguish each character, Protobunk Studios have different palettes for each spacesuit.  

3) The Sci-Fi!

Medney and Ponce are able to highlight the hierarchy within Gunn’s pilot crew. Gunn has a higher rank as captain and appears more militaristic in his suit. Pon does most of the grunt work because she’s the mechanic.  

2) The Extras!

In the extra pages, Ponce offers readers a closer look at the Dark Wing. The rough sketches of the spaceship are shown from different viewpoints.

1) An Exciting Read! 

 Dark Wing #1 has tons of sci-fi action that generate a cool fix of adrenaline. The first issue does a fantastic job getting readers hyped for the follow-up. 

Available now, readers can find out more about Dark Wing #1 here:

By Jorge Solis