Stargirl First Look, DC Universe

During WonderCon 2019, DC UNIVERSE unveiled an incredibly stunning first look at Brec Bassinger as the super-heroine, Stargirl. From Berlanti Productions and Mad Ghost Productions, in association with Warner Bros. Television, get ready for another DC Universe original live-action series joining the TV lineup after Doom Patrol and Titans.

Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger) is a struggling high schooler who relocates to Blue Valley, Neb., after her mother marries Pat. Eventually, she discovers that her stepfather used to be Stripesy, the sidekick of Justice Society of America member Starman (Joel McHale). Courtney ends up borrowing Cosmic Staff and using it to fight evil as Stargirl, inspiring a new generation of heroes in the process. 

Here are 5 reasons why we love Stargirl’s first look:

5) The Costume!

The super suit was designed by renowned costume designer Laura Jean Shannon, whose credits include Titans and Black Lightning. In her heroic pose, Bassinger appears to be holding the iconic Cosmic Staff. The red and blue colors are beaming in vividness as the white stars stand out on the costume. 

4) Geoff Johns!

After writing about the DC Comics character, Geoff Johns will now be creating the series and serving as the showrunner. For the DC Universe, Johns previously wrote an episode of Titans, which also served as the backdoor pilot to Doom Patrol. As a writer, Johns can cleverly deliver the heartfelt moments, tease superhero action, and have fun with the weirdness.  

3) The Inspiration!

The main character was inspired by Johns’ sister, who died in a plane explosion in 1996. It’s a beautiful tribute. 

2) Getting Into Action!

According to Just Jared, the 19-year-old actress teased her stunt training on Instagram. All padded up, Bassinger looks ready to whip out her staff and start using it as a weapon to beat up the bad guys. 

1) The Cast!

According to Entertainment Weekly, Luke Wilson will be seen as Pat Dugan (aka STRIPE), Henry Thomas is Golden Age Dr. Mid-Nite and Lou Ferrigno Jr. joins as Golden Age Hourman. Amy Smart is  Courtney’s mom Barbara. Meg DeLacy plays Cindy Burman, Courtney’s classmate and the daughter of the JSA’s longtime enemy, Dragon King (Nelson Lee). Trae Romano has been added as Courtney’s stepbrother Mike. 

Stargirl will be arriving on the DC Universe sometime in 2020. 

By Jorge Solis