Abnormal Attraction, Bruce Davison

Random Media delivers an enjoyably quirky and comedic Abnormal Attraction, starring Nicole Balsam and Bruce Davison. Co-writer/director Michael Leavy presents a hilariously satirical and raunchy world where mythical monsters and everyday humans are forced to coexist.

In a world where mythical creatures are real, monsters and humans are forced to coexist; and as prejudice and insecurity pulls everyone apart, three separate storylines manage to come together.

Here are 5 reasons why you should see Abnormal Attraction:

5) Bruce Davison!

Abnormal Attraction

Always bringing in the sci-fi drama in X-Men and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Bruce Davison gets to flex his comedic skills as the laugh-out-loud Dr. Stanley Cole. Starting off the movie, Davison sets the satirical tone and nails the comedic timing with each passing joke. Davidson is a true delight to watch!

4) Nicole Balsam!

I really enjoyed Nicole Balsam’s comedic performance as Alyssa. It’s just hilarious to watch Alyssa (Balsam) subtle reactions as she’s surrounded by off-the-wall characters. The zaniness of the absurd works because of how Balsam hits her straight marks.

3) The Ensemble Cast!

Abnormal Attraction

You have an immensely talented cast and no one in the group is phoning it in. Everyone gives it their all, including Melanie Iglesias, Malcolm McDowell, Leslie Easterbrook, Ron Jeremy, Tyler Mane, and Gilbert Gottfried. You may not recognize them through the heavy make-up but their voices carry the witty one-liners.  

2) The Direction!

Screenwriters Steven Della Salla, Jason Leavy, and Michael Leavy have done something creative with the anthology style format. With such a solid cast, director Michael Leavy will have audiences laughing from start to finish.

1) The Bonus Content!

The extra features on DVD and Blu-Ray  has over 90 minutes of exclusive content. Audiences should check out the Behind the Scenes footage, Making of segment, and the Bloopers reel.

Abnormal Attraction is available on VOD, DVD and Blu-Ray. 

By Jorge Solis