Elle LaMont Flay, Flay Trailer, Violett Beane

Phame Factory brings in tons of creepy atmosphere, eerie chills, and thrills with Flay, starring Elle LaMont and Violett Beane. With a fine cast, director Eric Pham delivers the scares with a bustling and moody ghost story. 

After the death of her mother, an estranged daughter struggles to save her brother, and those around her from a malevolent faceless spirit.

5) Elle LaMont!


Not only does actress Elle Lamont react convincingly to a variety of supernatural scares, she only carries the emotional toll of a grieving sibling. Lamont portrays Moon Crane with such anger, sadness, and sympathy as she feels reluctantly forced to become a parent for her estranged brother, River Crane (Dalton E. Gray). Amazing to watch, Lamont is such a dominant lead as she investigates her mother’s death.

4) Violett Beane!

As a huge fan of The Flash, I already knew Violett Beane was going to rock as Bethany. Beane gives Bethany a punkish edge with her hair highlights and pigtails. As her natural chemistry connects with Dalton E. Gray, Beane portrays Bethany with such rebellious energy and a strong-willed personality.

3) The Gothic Elements!


Screenwriter Matthew Daly does a great job adding the family drama to the gothic elements of horror narrative. River Crane (Gray) and Moon Crane (LaMont) are struggling to reunite as a family after being separated for so long. 

2) The Scares!

While Elle LaMont and Violett Beane will undoubtedly sustain the audience’s attention, director Eric Pham does a phenomenal job creating the pulse-ponding atmosphere and sense of urgency behind the faceless killer. Pham douses the opening narration to the climatic finale with a vibrant cinematic style. 

1) The Director!

With a fine cast that shines, Flay impressively brings its own level of fear and fright onto viewers. Horror fans are really going to like this scary flick!

Flay will be available digitally April 2nd, 2019.

By Jorge Solis