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The upcoming all-star giant monster movie, known as The Great Buddha Arrival, has released a new must-see teaser trailer and added a new big star to the flick. Also known as Daibutsu Kokaiku, The Great Buddha Arrival is a reboot of a lost classic 1934 film from Japan.

The Great Buddha Arrival is a remake of the long lost classic Daibutsu Kokaiku, which many film enthusiasts widely consider as the first daikaiju film. This new reboot will be directed by Hiroto Yokokawa, with the blessings of the original film director’s grandson. Filming began previously in Japan.

Here are 5 reasons we’re excited for The Great Buddha Arrival:

5) The Teaser Trailer!

Something really big is coming! That’s what the soundtrack composers are teasing in the black and white footage. Notice how the drumbeats take us behind-the-scenes as the film is put together on location and in the editing room.  

4) Akira Kubo!

Japanese acting icon, Akira Kubo, has now joined the all-star cast! Kubo has appeared in 75 films since his career began back in 1952. You may recognize I’m from his previous works, Son of Godzilla and Destroy All Monsters

3) The Return of Peggy Neal! 

We previously mentioned, known for her movies such as X- From Outer Space and Terror Beneath The Sea, Peggy Neal is one of the most beloved classic actress of the sub-genre. After her short stint in Japanese fantasy films of the late 60s, she just disappeared off the face of the planet. Neal became one of Japanese cinema’s biggest mysteries. 

3) Ippei Ohsako!

Known for his work in Death Note: New Generation, actor Ippei Ohsako will now be taking on something larger and bigger in the upcoming giant monster movie. 

1) The Ensemble Cast!

The ensemble cast includes legendary actor Akira Takarada (star of 6 Godzilla films, including the original film),, Yukijiro Hotaru (Gamera trilogy), Shelley Sweeney (star of 4 Godzilla films), Yuki Morita (Godzilla 2014), Norman England (Godzilla: 2000), Robert Scott Field (Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah), Masanori Kikuzawa, JPop superstar Momoko Iwata, rapper Yuma, Kazuma Yoneyama, Godzilla: Final Wars’ Jun’ichiro Nirasawa and Yoshihiko Ohtsuki, and Takashi Yasuda.

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By Jorge Solis