Rage, Rage 2021

Rage, starring Hayley Beveridge and Matt Theo, works brilliantly as a compelling psychology thriller and an intricate police procedural. Director John Balazs dives into the pathos of the multilayered characters and the poignancy of their relationships. 

Plot: “When a violent home invasion brings an already troubled marriage closer to the brink, a husband must come to terms with his own indiscretions, in a desperate move to seek forgiveness that will bring them both to the point of no returns.”

Here are 5 reasons why you should watch Rage:

5) Hayley Beveridge! 

Hayley Beveridge does a fantastic job of evoking the sadness and loneliness of Madeline Tate. In the narrative, she has become desperate to solve her relationship issue. Suffering from survivor’s guilt, Madeline is also traumatized by the home invasion gone horribly wrong. 

4) Matt Theo!

Matt Theo delivers on all the complexities behind his character, Noah Tate. Noah is definitely a scumbag because he is a serial cheater, but he is a victim of his own negligence. Theo has such great chemistry with his partners, such as Beveridge and Natasha Maymon, who plays Noah’s lover, Sophia.

3) Richard Norton!

Richard Norton carries the world-weariness and frustration of Detective John Bennett’s bleak world on his shoulders. Bennett isn’t a master sleuth and doesn’t scream “AHA!” When the clues are brought together, like in a typical detective story. Bennet becomes heartbroken and more gutted as he steers closer to the truth.  

2) The Direction!

Director John Balazs manages to handle the different genres deftly in Michael J. Kospiah’s screenplay. Making the movie interesting, the narrative jumps into different perspectives as the investigation unfolds. Viewers are watching a movie about relationships, then a police procedural, before the film becomes a survivor’s tale. 

1) Constantly Gripping!

After establishing itself as a complex romantic drama, Rage swiftly becomes an insightful revenge thriller. With the film constantly gripping, audiences will be so focused on the character-driven plot. 

Rage is available now to rent/buy on iTunes, Vudu and Fandango Now.  

By Jorge Solis