Marla, Marla Mae

High Octane Pictures presents a though-provoking body horror thriller, Marla, starring Lisa van Dam-Bates and Katie Hemming. Writer/director/actress Lisa van Dam-Bates combines gore with postmodern empowerment in a slick and twisted slasher flick.  

A girl who goes to get an IUD implanted by a family friend turned doctor, who then commits a deranged act. The event has deadly implications for those close to her.

Here are 5 reasons why you should see Marla:

5) Lisa van Dam-Bates!

In her portrayal of Marla Mae, Lisa van Dam-Bates captures the inner struggle of a weary and vulnerable protagonist who has been physically taken advantage of. In using the horror genre, Dam-Bates emphasizes the social commentary about men in higher power making drastic decisions over someone else’s body. Dam-Bates’ expressiveness presents a tortured soul, making audiences feel for Marla’s pain and loneliness.

4) Katie Hemming!

The dynamic chemistry between Katie Hemming and Lisa van Dam-Bates fills up the screen when they share a scene together. Their integral relationship in the narrative is open to interpretation. At times, Jules (Hemming) and Marla (Dam-Bates), who are both damaged in their own ways, share a sisterly connection, and as the movie progresses, a mother/daughter bond.

3) Travis Johnny Ware!

Travis Johnny Ware presents Jake as an easygoing and relatable persona. Because Jake is a tragic figure, Ware’s natural chemistry with Dam-Bates works so well on-screen. 

2) The Direction!

Director Lisa van Dam-Bates captures such gripping performances from an incredible supporting cast. The cinematography by Chris Joseph Taylor has a defining and grounded look towards the working lower class; a town stuck in economic downfall. The camera never shies away from shocking gore and keeps its eye focused on the practical effects.

1) Twisted Body Horror!

Used for striking effect, Marla has a resonate and relevant theme that viewers will not be able to ignore. Audiences looking a for really smart and subversive horror flick have found one with Marla.  

Marla arrives on digital and DVD November 5th, 2019.

By Jorge Solis

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