Creepshow Episode 6, Shudder

Shudder presents the first season finale of their horror anthology series, Creepshow, with Episode 6, starring Dana Gould and Sydney Wease. Based on the horror franchise by George A. Romero and Stephen King, audiences are in for a double douse treat with “Skincrawlers” and “By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain.”

After watching the weight loss ad, Henry (Dana Gould) continues to feel insecure about his body image. Wanting a psychical change, Henry thinks this new treatment by Dr. Sloan (Chad Michael Collins) is the change he needs. Henry just has a problem with worms being injected into his body. 

Elsewhere, the legend of the sea monster known as Champ has gained so much attention from the small town. Rose (Sydney Wease) believes wholeheartedly that her father saw the creature before he died. Her father’s death continues to haunt over the broken family as Rose has now become obsessed with finding Champ. 

At first, Henry doesn’t want to go through the treatment. But then, he is shocked to see how Kelly (Hina Khan) has changed so much. Because Kelly is going to be Dr. Sloan’s new spokesperson, she wants Henry to join her for a live news segment to show how the treatment works. 

Meanwhile, Rose’s crush, Thomas (Connor Jones), gets chewed out by her abusive stepfather. The stepfather ridicules Rose’s father, accusing him of being crazy. Rose then argues with her mother about how she is being mistreated. Rose’s mother though lost the will to live since losing her husband.  

During the eclipse, something strange is happening live on the air. The Weatherman’s stomach starts to rumble, including Dr. Sloan’s. Even Sloan’s patients, Debbie (Melissa Saint-Amand) and Kelly, start to suddenly feel ill. 

Rose runs away from home, along with Thomas and her brother, Joseph (David Alexander Kaplan). At the lake, they stumble upon the dead body of a hideous sea creature. They will end up famous for finding Champ. Rose tells her brother to run back home and bring their mother.    

Back at the TV studio, a bloodsucking worm pokes out of Kelly’s eyes. As her stomach bursts open, Debbie vomits blood. Live on the air, the Weatherman pops like a pimple. 

While Rose and Thomas are taking pictures, they eventually start holding hands. Rose’s stepfather breaks up the romance and gives Thomas a vicious beating. With Joseph dragging her to the lake, Rose’s mother rushes over when she hears her daughter in trouble.     

Dr. Sloan confuses his crimes to Henry before a giant worm bursts out of his stomach. Fighting to stay alive, Henry manages to break free from the worm’s grasp. Using all his strength, Henry pushes the vending machine over, crushing the giant worm to death. 

The real Champ shows up and eats Rose’s stepfather whole. The dead creature Rose and Thomas found was Champ’s child. Rose’s mother arrives just in time to witness Champ dragging her dead child back into the murky waters.


While eating his chocolate bar, Henry basks triumphantly in the spotlight, surrounded by blood and dead bodies. 

Creepshow will return for Season 2 on Shudder.

By Jorge Solis