Morbid Stories Teaser, Trailer

Avail Films has released the terrifying teaser trailer to their upcoming horror anthology, Morbid Stories, starring Courtney Akbar and Ashley Mei. Find out what happens during the dismantling of cultural order. 

Society has fallen into chaos. The amount of chaotic tension leads to the government to advise Americans everywhere on what to do. Stay in their home. Flee to the mountains. And most importantly, disappear from society.

Here are 5 reasons why we’re excited for Morbid Stories:

5) The Directors!

According to Shock Ya!, because this is an anthology, segments will be directed by Asif Akbar, Clint Kelly, Will Devokees, and Mick Thomas. Kelly previously directed the segment, “M is for Munging” for ABCs of Death 2.5. Thomas wrote and directed the rescue thriller, No One Has to Know. Akbar directed the entertaining sci-fi action thriller, Astro.

4) The Cast!

The ensemble cast includes Courtney Akbar, Luke Gregory Crosby, Krystal Pixie Adams, Shane Smith, Tyree Cobbins, Tim O’Hearn, Pete Girard, and Ashley Mei. As we perviously mentioned, Courtney Akbar was amazing in Astro, so we’re definitely excited to see what she does here in Morbid Stories.

3) The Trailer!

The teaser starts off with an ominous tone. We see Courtney Akbar walking past the heavy winds, trying to find signal on her phone. Something has frightened her so much, that she has to run back to her home. 

2) Get Out!

From the footage, the radio announcer is warning everyone to get out of the city. Don’t look back because the freaks and monsters have risen!  

1) The Creative Team!

Daniel Haff, of Revolutionary Crossroads Pictures, and JJ Rogers are producing alongside with Asif Akbar and Phil Herman. The screenplay was also written by Akbar and Herman as well. 

Morbid Stories arrives on VOD and DVD this October 2019.

By Jorge Solis