Ranger Shudder, Shudder

Making its way onto Shudder, Glass Eye Pix and Hood River Entertainment deliver a pulse-pounding punk slasher, The Ranger, starring Chloë Levine and Amanda Grace Benitez. Co-writer/director Jenn Wexler has such a sleek visual style when it comes to the specific look of the ensemble cast and the blood-soaked kill scenes. 

A group of punk teens are on the run from the police. Their only hope left is to actually head off into the woods. They end up being terrorized by one park ranger’s brand of psychotic justice.

Here are 5 reasons why you should see The Ranger:

5) Chloë Levine!

The Ranger

Chloë Levine wonderfully captures Chelsea’s tortured soul and her defiant attitude. With such heartbreaking facial expressions, Levine’s reactions demonstrate how Chelsea has tormented herself over a deep secret. Writers Giaco Furino and Jenn Wexler have created an interesting and flawed protagonist who masks her inner pain with a tough exterior.   

4) Amanda Grace Benitez!

As Amber, Amanda Grace Benitez brings in such lightheartedness as her character and nails the comedic delivery. Benitez’s engaging chemistry with Chloë Levine really shines in their scenes together. Because Amber is more of an extrovert, Benitez really pops out with her beaming personality. 

3) Jeremy Holm!

The Ranger

Jeremy Holm gleefully delivers the sinister menace behind The Ranger. Holm really knows how to ham it up when dishing out law regulations. He then turns into a brutal manic in a quick second as soon as the body count starts. 

2) Punk Attitude!

Just about everything about this movie screams punk! From the wardrobe to the vibrant hair colors, there’s all these punkish little details that fills up the screen. Even the soundtrack contains the head-banging music from The Grim, the Avengers, Fang and Rotten UK.

1) A Fun Slasher Movie!

The Ranger

Slasher fans are absolutely going to love everything about The Ranger. With two standout leads and a memorable slasher at the helm, The Ranger is slick and punk enough to keep audiences entertained. 

The Ranger arrives on Shudder May 9th, 2019.

By Jorge Solis