Room For Rent, Lin Shaye

Uncork’d Entertainment delivers a suspenseful and enjoyable thriller with Room For Rent, starring Lin Shaye and Valeska Miller. Director Tommy Stovall lets the cameras roll, capturing an unforgettable performable from his leading star. 

Lonely widow Joyce rents out a room to make easy money.  She meets mysterious drifter Bob and takes him in as a long-term tenant.  She becomes obsessed with her much younger guest, making him the object of her deepest romantic fantasies.  When a friend’s betrayal derails Joyce’s fantasy world, she seizes control of her own destiny with a deadly mission to finally get what she deserves.

Here are 5 reasons why you should see Room For Rent:

5) Lin Shaye!

Room For Rent

After elevating the Insidious franchise, Lin Shaye takes her range to new heights in a starring role that is perfectly suited for herself. In her juicy starring role, Shaye starts off to play Joyce as a quirky oddball. As the narrative progresses into a tragedy, Joyce (Shaye) becomes obsessive and manipulative as her facial expressions hint at a traumatized past. 

4) Valeska Miller!

Valeska Miller plays one of Joyce’s guests, Sarah. I really like how Lin Shaye and Valeska Miller play off against each other. Their relationship has a mother/daughter vibe if interpreted from Sarah’s performance. Audiences could also interpret their relationship as Joyce’s desperate need for friendship. 

3) Oliver Rayon!

Oliver Rayon adds an engaging and rugged charm to his drifter character, Bob. With instant chemistry, viewers will able to see why Bob (Rayon) and Joyce (Shaye) are able to hit it off. His scenes work so well with Valeska Miller as they capture a budding romance between Bob and Sarah. 

2) Character Driven! 

Stuart Flack’s screenplay examines how obsessed woman can quickly turn into a vengeful mode. It’s a character-driven piece that could only be played by a veteran actress with about 40 years in the Hollywood business.

1) A Psychological Thriller!

A spotlight to explore her range, Lin Shaye is unbelievably impressive in the psychological thriller, Room For Rent. Director Tommy Stovall does something fresh with the stalker genre. 

Room For Rent arrives on digital and VOD on May 7th, 2019.

By Jorge Solis