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Death Count dives deep into its guilty-looking ensemble (starring Sarah French and Devanny Pinn) with effectively-crafted twists and turns. With an intricate structure and an interesting antagonist, director Michael Su delivers cringe-inducing moments along with strong performances.

THE PLOT: “Strangers awaken in individual holding cells with no memory of how they arrived. They realize if they don’t acquire enough online “likes” in a timely manner, they’ll die horribly at the hands of a sinister executioner.”

Here are 5 reasons why you should watch Death Count:

5) Sarah French!

Sarah French showcases such charisma in a deeply flawed and conflicted protagonist as Rachel Philips. French’s gut-wrenching performance will have viewers instantly feeling sympathy for Rachel. The character drama is where Death Count is able excel at and keeps viewers engaged.

4) Devanny Pinn!

Devanny Pinn brings her magnetism into the role of Selena Marshall. Pin is able to show how desperate and tough Selena is through raw energy. I don’t want to say too much but she has a scene that ill make your jaw drop. 

3) Costas Mandylor!

When you have a grandiose character such as The Warden, you really need a performer that will chew up the scenery. Costas Mandylor does that and brings so much of his A-game into the role. Even Michael Madsen looks like he is having fun playing the role of the scene-stealing Detective Casey. 

2) The Directing!

Director Michael Su does a great job playing around with audience’s expectations. The opening follows the tropes of a Saw-type thriller but then twists the plot into something different and original. Su’s camerawork creates a shadowy and claustrophobic atmosphere within its setting. 

1) An Engaging Thriller!

Death Count stands out as a psychological thriller as the ensemble cast explores the levels of their characters. The cast does a phenomenal job at pulling the strings of sympathy with their roles. 

Death Count will be released on July 19th, 2022. 


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