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Jaguar Cinema and Throughline Films share a new behind-the-scenes photo from their upcoming supernatural thriller, The Dawn, starring Devanny Pinn and Stacey Dash. Find out what happens when demons follow a young woman at a convent!

A young woman witnesses her father murder her family in the wake of World War 1. Sent to live in a convent, she dedicates her life to the Lord. However, her demons follow and manifest themselves in ways which bring the nightmares of her past with her.  

Here are 5 reasons we love this behind-the-scenes photo from The Dawn:

5) The Photo!

Released on her official twitter account, Devanny Pinn shares a behind-the-scenes snapshot from her upcoming paranormal film. Dressed as their characters, both Pinn (Rose) and Dash (Sister Ella) can be seen wearing the religious black and white habit. I wonder what they’re talking about in the scene?

4) Stacey Dash!

Pinn writes, “Shooting my first scene w/costar Stacey Dash on paranormal thriller, #TheDawnFilm! I legit got lost in her eyes..”

3) Clueless!

Raise your hand if you’re a huge fan of Clueless like me! Dash was incredibly funny in Amy Heckerling’s clever romantic comedy, Clueless. Knowing she’s great with comedy, I can’t wait to see what Dash does here with horror!

2) Shockfest!

Before taking place on November 22nd – November 24th, the Shockfest Film Festival has already released their first round of nominations. Brandon Slagle is nominated for Best Director and Pinn is nominated for Best Actress. David M. Brewer and Lance Rand are nominated as well for their cinematography in The Dawn.

1) Facebook!

The Dawn

Dash can also be seen in another photo released on social media. Make sure you give a like to The Dawn film’s Facebook page. 

The Dawn is expected to be released sometime in 2019. 

By Jorge Solis