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Jaguar Cinema and Throughline Films share a behind-the-scenes photo of their supernatural thriller, The Dawn, starring Devanny Pinn and Stacey Dash. After world-building his sci-fi flick, Crossbreed, co-writer/director Brandon Slagle is ready to scare the audience with his upcoming tenth feature film.

A young woman witnesses her father murder her family in the wake of World War 1. Sent to live in a convent, she dedicates her life to the Lord. However, her demons follow and manifest themselves in ways which bring the nightmares of her past with her.  

Here are 5 reasons we love the behind-the-scenes photo from The Dawn:

5) The Photo!

Released on her official twitter account, Devanny Pinn shared a behind-the-scenes snapshot of her upcoming paranormal film. As her character, Ella, Pinn can be seen wearing the religious black and white habit. The Dawn actress is also standing inside a large container as water is being filled. 

4) The Shot Looks Awesome!

Pinn reveals how hard it was to make the scene work and states, “I almost died, but the shot looks awesome.”

3) The Trailer!

Have you seen the trailer? The atmospheric trailer does an incredible job setting up the snowy setting and establishing the gothic church environment. Not only are there scares in the trailer, The Dawn looks like a period piece as well.  

2) Crossbreed!

This is a Crossbreed reunion with Director Brandon Slagle and Devanny Pinn. In our exclusive interview, Slagle discussed how Pinn created a must-see performance underneath all the makeup and having absolutely no dialogue as the alien creature, Crossbreed.

1) The Ensemble Cast!

The cast includes Devanny Pinn, Stacey Dash, Ryan Kiser, Jonathan Bennett, Heather Wynters, David Goryl, Andrew E. Wheeler, Susan Slaughter, Claire Engler, Amanda Day, Scott C. Roe, Ronnie Kerr, Jimmy Redhawk James, Briana Caitlin, William McMullen. Teilor Grubbs will be making her film debut.

The Dawn is expected to be released sometime in 2019. 

By Jorge Solis