Reptile House, Tristan

With her stylish second short film, Reptile House, director Tristan Risk delivers a wickedly entertaining neo-giallo thriller. Not only does Risk capture such jaw-dropping imagery, the performances among the cast are noteworthy as well.  

On her Instagram page, Risk described Reptile House, “My second piece as writer/director, I was lucky enough to team up again with Jordan Barnes-Crouse from Parlor Tricks, bring on Jesse Inocalla as my favorite victim, and a slew of other talents artists. As well, I’m indulging my dabbling as a pushy reptile stage mom by including my slither babies from The Circus Sideshow Reptiles.”

Here are 5 reasons why you should see Reptile House:

5) Sharai Rewels!

Sharai Rewels is immensely captivating as the charismatic, conniving, and charming Thena. With such a physical presence, Rewels performs as the enigmatic and glamorous Thena with such such macabre delight,

4) Jesse Inocalla! 

Jesse Inocalla delivers the witty comic relief as the hapless Sasha, who stumbles upon something big. Not only does Inocalla nail the board humor, his playful chemistry with Rewels is quite engaging. 

3) The Colors!

The cinematography by Jordan Barnes-Crouse is undeniably eye-popping. Each scene carries such vibrancy thanks to the bright primary colors. From start to finish, everything about Reptile House is quite fabulous and beautiful to look at. 

2) The Direction!

With Parlour Tricks, Risk excelled at the stark black and white imagery and the visual humor. And now with Reptile House, Risk demonstrates her artistic handling of suspense and dark humor. I can’t wait to see what she does for her third short!

1)  A Fun Watch!

Exceptionally eccentric, Reptile House centers on its two fantastic leads. Audiences will be amazed with what Tristan Risk has accomplished with her second short film. 

Reptile House is currently hitting the festival circuit right now.