Clown Fear, Trailer

Lionsgate delivers an entertaining gem of demented psychos and carnie culture with Clown Fear, starring Sadie Katz and Augie Duke. Co-writer/director Minh Collins presents an entertaining slasher romp filled with vibrant personalities and creative thrills.

“In this creepy, chilling horror tale, a runaway bride and her friends are stranded in a forgotten desert town full of sadistic, bloodthirsty clowns who don’t trust outsiders.”

Here are 5 reasons why why you should watch Clown Fear:

5) Sadie Katz!

Actress Sadie Katz, who also co-wrote the screenplay, is undeniably charismatic as the runaway bride Carlee Summers. Carlee (Katz) has such a stoic resilience when she encounters the bloodthirsty clowns. In a suspenseful and near-silent sequence, Katz is able to convey so much tension through her facial expressions. 

4) Augie Duke!

A charismatic knockout, Augie Duke portrays such a lively personality through her witty character, Mia Sandusky. Adding levity to the narrative, Duke nails the comedic timing with such punkish energy. Duke and Katz share such playful chemistry that radiates the screen. 

3) Courtney Akbar!

A major standout, Courtney Akbar captures both sides of Kat’s layered personality. Akbar perfectly portrays Kat’s sweet and doe-eyed innocence when the scene asks for it. Akbar then takes her vivacious performance up a notch when Kate becomes twisted and sinister. 

2) The Direction!

I really enjoyed the opening sequence as director Minh Collins lets the camera flow and follow Britney (Sarah French). The cinematography by Gerry Lively captures the colorful production design of the clown hotel. The desert landscape provides a slick western look not typically seen in slashers. Because we loved her in Automation, keep your eyes out for Elissa Dowling as Court Jester.

1) An Entertaining Slasher! 

With the perfect ensemble, Clown Fear is an entertaining slasher flick filled with brutal kills. Horror fans are really going to enjoy this one!

Clown Fear is now available on DVD, Digital, and On Demand.

By Jorge Solis