Wasteland 1989, Eibon

Before the first issue arrives on Black Friday Weekend, Eibon Press has released all the blood and thunder into the Wasteland 1989 Comic Book Trailer. Check out what happens when you mix the thrilling action of Mad Max with the craziness behind Escape From The Bronx.

Janet Of The Apocalypse is the heroine of an all new original series. Part of the VHS Comics line, Wasteland 1989 is based on the Road Warrior-like movies that came out of the ‘80s. For minds set on nostalgia, but also seeking great and progressive science fiction. 

Here are 5 reasons why we’re excited for Wasteland 1989:

5) The Signature Edition!

The Signature Edition features extras for the upcoming horror comic. The edition comes with a neat VHS box sealed inside with the comic. Also, every copy includes a compact disc with the entire 60 page comic dramatized with a full cast, explosive cinema quality sound FX, and an original 80’s inspired soundtrack.

4) The Psycho Fan!

Included in the Psycho Edition is a 120 page making-of edition. Dive into the entire process of creating the first issue of Wasteland 1989 #1. Get the full script and original black and white art!

3) The Book & Record Set!

Wasteland 1989

Based on the Power Records series of the 1970s and 1980s, each Book And Record Set comes with a special CD! The CD features a full cast of actors, original soundtrack, and movie quality sound design. The action comes to life as you read the first issue. 

2) It’s A Cool, Wild Ride!

Stephen Romano, executive editor and head writer of Eibon Press, describes the comic as “one of the coolest widest rides you’ll ever take with us. It’s something created entirely in-house and not officially based on anything else that’s come before.”

1) She’s Janet Of The Apocalypse!

Janet of the Apocalypse is a muscle car driving, six gun-slinging super heroine. How can you not want the first issue!

During Black Friday weekend, Wasteland 1989 will be released Thanksgiving 2019 at 7pm Pacific.

By Jorge Solis