Wasteland 1989, Eibon Press

Eibon Press has released a tantalizing bunch of must-see preview pages from their upcoming new action/horror series, Wasteland 1989. Check out what happens when you mix the thrilling action of Mad Max with the craziness behind Escape From The Bronx.

Janet Of The Apocalypse is the heroine of an all new original series. Part of the VHS Comics line, Wasteland 1989 is based on the Road Warrior-like movies that came out of the ‘80s. For minds set on nostalgia, but also seeking great and progressive science fiction. 

Here are 5 reasons why we love the sneak preview for Wasteland 1989:

5) A Love Letter!

With the preview pages released online, the caption states, “It’s a love letter to all those awesome 80’s post-nuke films like Mad Max and Escape From The Bronx…” 

4) A Cool, Wild Ride!

Stephen Romano, executive editor and head writer of Eibon Press, describes the comic as “one of the coolest widest rides you’ll ever take with us. It’s something created entirely in-house and not officially based on anything else that’s come before.”

3) The Creative Team!

Romano joins artist Puis Calzada, colorists Matheus Huve, and Chris Hall as the creative team behind Wasteland 1989. Notice how the colors stand out with Janet’s leather jacket and spotlight the skull buckle on her belt. That thing that looks like a cat is all kinds of wrong; now that’s detail. 

2) 60-Pages!

The first installment will be a 60-page double issue. Readers will be able to pick up the first issue when it goes on sale during Black Friday weekend.

1) Next Level!

Wasteland 1989

The first issue will also feature a very special extra that promises to be “next level.” Looking forward to hearing more details soon! 

Wasteland 1989 has a November 2019 release date.

By Jorge Solis