Cold Brook Trailer, Cold Brook

Vertical Entertainment has released the poster and official trailer to the upcoming drama, Cold Brook, starring William Fichtner and Kim Coates. Not only did William Fichtner make his directorial debut with this film, Cold Brook was also screened at the recent Gasparilla International Film Festival.

Ted (William Fichtner) and Hilde (Kim Coates) – best friends and maintenance workers at a college in Upstate New York – pursue an intruder at a Museum Exhibition on the college campus. They become local heroes. Learning that the intruder is lost, they finding themselves torn between helping him find his home, and taking care of their own. 

Here are 5 reasons why we’re excited for Cold Brook:

5) The Cast!
The Ensemble cast includes includes Fichtner, Coates, Harold Perrineau (Lost), Brad Henke (Orange Is the New Black), Robin Weigert (Big Little Lies), and Mary Lynn Rajskub (24).

4) The Camaraderie!

What I really liked about the trailer is how the footage focuses on the chemistry between Fichtner and Coates. You really feel the friendship between the two characters, Ted and Hilde, from the clips. 

3) Drama & Comedy!

The trailer does a great job of landing the dramatic and comedic hits. It’s a coming-of-age tale for Ted and Hilde as they learn more about themselves. The trailer hilariously ends with the two trying to bluff their way through a lie.

2) The Music!

The music that you hear in the background is by Dan Gautrau and Wolfgang Black. Their song, “Hold On Hope,” is very catchy, don’t you think?

1) Directorial Debut!

In our previous interview, Fichtner revealed why he chose to direct this particular project, “Well, the intention was always to play the part of Ted with Kim Coates playing the part of Hilde. Honestly, It never crossed my mind that anyone else would ever direct this story but me. I knew the rhythms, I knew the characters, but most of all, I knew the heartbeat of the friendship, because it’s based on the one that we have.”

Cold Brook arrives in theaters on November 8th, 2019.

By Jorge Solis