Morbid Stories, Courtney Akbar

Avail Films delivers five spine-tingling short horror tales in Morbid Stories, starring Courtney Akbar and Krystal Pixie Adams. Directors Asif Akbar, Will Devokees, Clint Kelly, Ashley Mei, and Mick Thomas each deliver their own style of gore and mayhem into the terrifying horror anthology.

Society has fallen into chaos. The amount of chaotic tension leads to the government to advise Americans everywhere on what to do. Stay in their home. Flee to the mountains. And most importantly, disappear from society.

Here are 5 reasons why you have to see Morbid Stories:

5) Courtney Akbar!

Morbid Stories Teaser, Trailer
Morbid Stories

What’s amazing about Courtney Akbar’s performance is how she carries the entire segment by herself. Clearly up for the challenge, Akbar’s charismatic presence is fully on display here as Candy. Candy (Akbar) is the observer who witnesses the grand scope of the end of the world scenario. 

4) Tim O’Hearn!

Using his physicality to the fullest, Tim O’Hearn captures the brutality and cold-heartedness of The Long Haired Stranger. Clearly having fun being the antagonist, O’Hearn really chews up the scenery with diabolical glee. O’Hearn drives the menace in his fast-paced home invasion segment.  

3) Krystal Pixie Adams! 

As Morgan, Krystal Pixie Adams goes all out with the gore factor, especially in the gross-out opening. Adams’ segment is a wickedly fun metaphor for a romantic date gone horribly wrong. The special effects are at their peak with the makeup and prosthetics on Adams’ face.

2) Ashley Mei!

Ashley Mei writes, directs, and stars in her own segment about a seance awakening a demonic entity. Mei is quite endearing and charming in her role as Mallory Yoshida. This is a character-driven tale about friends who turn on each other after committing a ritual together.  

1) Morbid & Wicked! 

An effective anthology, Morbid Stories has a great roster of talent to watch. All five tales are able to show off their performances and their special effects.

Available on DVD, Morbid Stories arrives on VOD Tuesday, October 29th, 2019. 

By Jorge Solis