Wyrd #3, Dark Horse Comics

A fun installment, Wyrd #3 (Dark Horse Comics) is a rousing action-packed thriller that plays with psychological ideas! The Wyrd series continues to be an engaging read, especially with an interesting and mysterious brawling protagonist.

Once upon a time in Los Angeles…Wyrd goes on a bender with the ghost of a dead celebrity.  A serial killer is on the loose. It’s supposed to be his day off, but Wyrd has to solve the case anyway. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should read Wyrd #3:

5) What Happened Before!

There are problems, cases too strange for US law enforcement to solve. Pitor Wyrd is the one who solves them–for a fee, of course. An unaging, invincible detective with a penchant for the strange, Wyrd is the one the government calls when things go very badly and very strange.

4) The Writing!

Writer Curt Pires kicks off the narrative with a pulse-pounding action sequence that takes place in the skies. The antagonist of the story delivers a massive explosion, ramping up the death count, before leaving his only demand; he wants a meeting with Wyrd. Micah Myers’ lettering echoes Pitor’s self-destructive path as he becomes consumed by unanswered questions. 

3) The Artwork!

Antonio Fuso’s illustrations capture a death-defying stunt above a flying plane. The drawings present a nonstop killing spree as shots are fired and knives are unsheathed. My personal and favorite image is when Wyrd pulls out his revolver at point-blank range.

2) The Colors! 

Notice how colorist Stefano Simeone washes out the graphic violence with red tones. Even the letters to “BLAM” are bright red during the intense imagery. Then the backgrounds turn bright blue when Pitor Wyrd is hung over and living his regular day-to-day lifestyle.

1) A Great Read! 

By the time they finish with Wyrd #3, the last page will leave readers with their adrenaline high. Wyrd is where you get to indulge in  some raw action.

Wyrd #3 arrives in stores on May 8th, 2019. 

By Jorge Solis