Butts in Seats, Source Point Press

Source Point Press launches the Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming comic, Butts In Seats: The Tony Schiavone Story. Discover the life of an extraordinary man who gloriously shouts “It’s Sting!” during AEW Dynamite on TNT.

Follow the life of Tony Schiavone, a man who has worked for and with virtually every major professional wrestling promotion in the United States. This is “a biographical journey through the career of legendary wrestling color commentator as told through comics.”

Here are 5 reasons why you should support Butts In Seats: The Tony Schiavone Story on Kickstarter:

5) The Creative Team Lineup:

The artist lineup for the original graphic novel includes D.J. Coffman, Sally Scott, John Marroquin, Les Garner, Jan Apple, Colm Griffin, Scott James, Josh Ross, Austin McKinley, and Riccardo Rosanna. Colors on several of the stories will be done by Sean Burres. There will also be a stunning cover by Marianna Pescosta.

4) The Writing!

On writing duties, Schiavone will be joined by Dirk Manning. Previously, Manning brought the hip hop duo, Twiztid, into the comic book realm as ghost hunters, You can check out the horror/comedy adventures of Madrox and Monoxide in Manning’s Haunted High-Ons Volume 1: The Darkness Rises.

3) Are You A Wrestling Fan!?!

In his recent newsletter, Manning mentioned, “If you’re a fan of professional wrestling (like I am) you’ll enjoy seeing all the “behind the curtain” aspect of the business, but even if you’re not a pro wrestling fan, I believe you’ll find the stories engaging, entertaining, and exciting!”

2) Dear To His Heart!

This project is definitely close to Schiavone’s heart. He states in his video, “It’s my very own graphic novel biography. As a lifelong fan of comics, as you can see here in my home office—The Batcave—I can think of no way better than my life to be told than as a graphic novel.”

1) The Rewards!

Check out the rewards on the Kickstarter page for Butts In Seats! You’re definitely going to want to be one of the pledgers right now!

Readers can find out more about Butts In Seats: The Tony Schiavone Story here

By Jorge Solis