The Bite, podcast

Art by Carolyn Tripp

The creators of The Blondes have stepped up the satirical and witty take of the werewolf genre with their latest horror/comedy podcast, The Bite, starring Cecilia Corrigan and Jenny Grace Makholm. Listeners will be riveted by the plucky protagonist’s sardonic humor within the four-episode werewolf series.

“Tess is like any other struggling playwright who’s made it to Edinburgh Fringe: she mined her complicated life and decisions about monogamy and sexuality for the material. And what would a one-woman show be without embarrassing revelations? But in the first episode of The Bite, Tess also reveals something altogether different: that she has lycanthropic powers. Being a werewolf has complicated her dating life but also greatly improved her career options, especially after she’s taken in by a clique of monied heiresses headed by Diane, a seductive, sociopathic bon vivant. She attempts to mold Tess, but will Tess fight to remain her own person?”

Here are 5 reasons why you have to listen to The Bite:

5) Cecilia Corrigan!

The first episode, “Marquee Moon,” does a phenomenal job presenting all of Tess’s quirks and vulnerabilities. Listeners will really fall in love with Tess! At her comedic best, Cecilia Corrigan brings out dark humor and the sarcastic attitude. I loved how each episode made Tess feel more relatable and twisted. 

4) Jenny Grace Makholm!

Jenny Grace Makholm does a great job playing up her voice for her role as the pretentious Diane. In this take, werewolves have their own class system; with the wealthy being on top. Makholm is able to channel the superiority complex and self-importance that Diane demonstrates at Tess.  

3) A Clever Take!

I really enjoyed how the werewolf genre is spun into a millennial take about social class and dating mishaps. I burst out laughing towards the end of episode two. In “Monster of Love,” Tess replays the awkward phone conversations she had with male and female suitors. Tess is trying to talk about werewolves but the males think she’s hinting at STDs. 

2) The Hard Work Pulled Off!

Creators Brian J Davis and Emily Schultz made this project work in the middle of a pandemic. They had to find ways to safely work together with an ensemble cast. While wearing masks, They had to deal with a 100-foot microphone and headphone cables, and push themselves to deliver quality work. The final product is something to be very proud of!

1) Darkly Funny!

The Bite is darkly funny and wickedly scathing all across the board! I can’t wait to find out what Emily Schultz comes up with next!

The Bite will be available March 16th, 2021 on ItunesSpotifyStitcher, and Audible.

By Jorge Solis