Nicnevin and the Bloody Queen, Humanoids

Nicnevin and the Bloody Queen (Humanoids) will genuinely rock readers with its personal teen angst and spellbinding folk horror story. Get ready for an honest depiction of family dysfunction and personal moments of quiet despair. 

“In the story, London teen “Nissy” Oswald is stuck in the countryside for the entire summer with only her mother and little brother for company, but things start to look up when she meets Reggie, an attractive and mysterious older man to whom she feels inexorably drawn. As Nissy divides her time between feuding with her mother and lusting for Reggie. The small town is rocked by a grisly murder and everything changes.”

Here are 5 reasons why we’re excited to read Nicnevin and the Bloody Queen:

5) The Cover!

The graphic novel will feature an absolutely stunning cover by Jock, the co-creator of the horror comics, Wytches 

4) The Creative Team!

This is the literary debut of writer Helen Mullane. Mullane will be collaborating with artists Dom Reardon and Matthew Dow Smith, and colorist Lee Loughridge on the upcoming title. 

3) The Teenage Years!

Mullane will channel her personal teenage thoughts into her writing, “I wanted to channel the feelings and attitudes that I remember so clearly from my own teenage years, the experiences of me and my friends.”

2) The Teen Experience!

Mullane describes the plot, “We weren’t wholesome or chaste, or bothered about saving the day–we weren’t the Famous Five or the Teen Titans! We just wanted to hang around, maybe get a bit wasted, get crushes on whoever was around… I feel like that sort of teen experience is rarely explored in mainstream comics.”  

1) A Real-World Story!

Artist Dom Reardon tells SYFY Wire,  “I loved the script straightaway, it’s the kind of horror I like, the slow unnerving drip feed, the unseen threat. There is magic and fantasy there, but for me this needed to be a real-world story about a teenaged girl dealing with real-life problems.”

Nicnevin and the Bloody Queen arrives in stores on March 10th, 2020. 

By Jorge Solis

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