Horror Tarot, IDW

Running through Halloween, IDW Games proudly brings horror fans the all-new The Beauty of Horror Tarot Card Set, based on the bestselling horror coloring book series by Alan Robert, onto Kickstarter! Find out what’s in store for pledgers with this kickstarter campaign!

Robert states, “The mega-success of The Beauty of Horror has surpassed all of my expectations at this point, and Ghouliana’s universe is about to expand in a very big way with all these new products!” 

Here are 5 reasons why you should support the card set campaign on Kickstarter:

5) Fear Your Future!

The Beauty of Horror Tarot Card Set

The “Fear Your Future” Deck is a traditional tarot set. Each card will feature art by Robert and will be pre-colored by Jay Fotos. The deck will measure the standard tarot card size of 70mm x 120mm and include a guidebook. 

4) They’re Super Creepy!

Robert adds, “I’ve gotta admit, it’s been kind of difficult keeping my mouth shut about all these super-creepy Tarot cards I’ve been drawing over the last few months; I think it’s some of my best work and I can’t wait for fans to finally see them!”

3) The Colors!

Are you a fan of the Locke & Key comics? The vivid colors by Jay Fotos added so much to the facial expressions, the architecture of Keyhouse, and the supernatural scares. I can’t wait to see what Fotos does with the tarot cards!

2) Color Your Destiny! 

The “Color Your Destiny” Deck will be printed on premium cardstock paper, with line art by Robert himself. Oversized for the best illustrative results, the cards measure 90mm x 154mm and come packaged with a guidebook.

1) Check Out The Trailer!

Readers can find out more about the The Beauty of Horror Tarot Card Set here on Kickstarter:

By Jorge Solis