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Dread has already started pre-production on Lucky, which will be directed by Natasha Kermani and written by Brea Grant. This second Dread Original promises to be a feminist horror film that audiences will be screaming for!

Lucky follows a suburban mother, May, is stalked night after night by a threatening but elusive figure. But with few clues as evidence and no witnesses, she finds her story and her sanity questioned by the authorities. As each attack intensifies, and with no one to turn to for help, May finds herself alone and locked in an increasingly vicious battle with someone or something that may be unstoppable.   

Here are 5 reasons we’re excited for Lucky:

5) The Creative Team

According to Deadline, Lucky will be directed by Natasha Kermani, the filmmaker behind Imitation Girl.The script is written by Brea Grant, who I absolutely loved in Heroes and appears as the femme fatale in Alan Robert’s comic book, Killogy (IDW Publishing). The Best Friends Forever actress will also star, with Patrick Ewald and Robert V. Galluzzo producing.

4) A Nightmarish Parallel!

Kermani mentions how the story needs to be told, “Brea has created a world that is a nightmarish parallel to the one we live in, close enough to feel terrifying when it all starts to unravel.”

3) It’s All About The Love!

Grant adds why the script is important to her and Kermani, “We are so excited to bring it to life. This project combines current cultural themes and my love of horror. It is the perfect time to make it and I’m so happy to have Dread on as a partner.”

2) Rewriting Genre!

Dread via its distribution parent, Epic Pictures, are telling horrifying stories that are also cleverly raising awareness of historical, political, and current social issues. They are focused on changing the female/male stereotypes by putting strong women in traditional male roles. With projects like Lucky, The Golem, and their upcoming creature feature, Sea Fever, starring Hermione Corfield and Connie Nielson, Epic Pictures and Dread are rewriting the narrative for women in genre entertainment. 

1) A Great Combo!

I thought Lauren Ashley Carter gave a knockout performance in Kermani’s must-see Imitation Girl. In my comic book collection, I have Grant’s We Will Bury You and Let’s Play God. I definitely can’t wait to see what these two creative minds will do with Lucky!

Dread has started preproduction on Lucky in Los Angeles.

By Jorge Solis

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