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Epic Pictures and Dread Central deliver a suspenseful and emotional supernatural thriller, The Golem, starring Hani Furstenberg and Ishai Golen. The Paz Brothers have put together an interesting concept for a horror film, while cleverly sneaking in a particularly moving family drama. 

Set in 17th century Lithuania, Hanna (Hani Furstenberg) the wistful, conflicted wife of the local rabbi’s son Benjamin (Ishai Golen), secretly turns to Jewish mysticism and The Kabbalah to conjure up a dangerous entity to protect her community. But the creature she molds out of mud and summons to life echoes her tragic past and becomes so dangerously connected to its creator, that Hanna can’t see what a heartless monster she has fashioned from abject fear and desperate loathing.

Here are 5 Reasons why you should see The Golem:

5) Many Layers!

In order to save her tight-knit Jewish community from foreign invaders, Hanna (Furstenberg) has to summon an otherworldly entity. The horror concept brings up the universal psychological theme of nature vs. nature. Is this entity ultimately evil because it was always designed to be? Or can it change because Hanna is its creator?

4) Hani Furstenberg!

Actress Hani Furstenberg delivers a heart-wrenching and powerfully moving performance as Hanna. Furstenberg’s leading role also asks her to perform as a grieving mother, a lonely housewife, and the mad scientist, her own version of Dr. Frankenstein. Furstenberg is quite captivating throughout, especially with her somber expressions. 

3) Religious Symbolism!

The Golem

The screenplay by Ariel Cohen is inspired by The Golem of Prague.  A mud figure, built out of the ground, is mystically created by the Rabbi of Prague (the Maharal). Cohen makes great use of the Jewish folklore, invokes themes of female empowerment, and captures the five stages of grief. 

2) Blast From The Past!

I mentioned before that The Golem is a supernatural thriller and a family drama. The Paz Brothers have also added period drama to the mix. Notice how the wardrobe has a rundown feel, echoing Hanna’s desperation in life. 

1) Thought-Provoking Horror!

The Golem

Hauntingly moving, The Golem carries mounting suspense, aided by a standout leading performance. Genuinely interesting, the Paz Brothers take an in-depth look at faith and grief in religious horror. 

The Golem opens in Los Angeles on Friday, February 1st 2019 and on VOD, DVD & Blu-ray Tuesday, February 5th 2019.

By Jorge Solis

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