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The creators of The Blondes are howling at the moon with their latest horror/comedy podcast, The Bite, starring Cecilia Corrigan and Jenny Grace Makholm. The four-episode werewolf series will feel straight out of your favorite horror flicks like, What We Do In The Shadows and Only Lovers Left Alive

“Tess is like any other struggling playwright who’s made it to Edinburgh Fringe: she mined her complicated life and decisions about monogamy and sexuality for the material. And what would a one-woman show be without embarrassing revelations? But in the first episode of The Bite, Tess also reveals something altogether different: that she has lycanthropic powers. Being a werewolf has complicated her dating life but also greatly improved her career options, especially after she’s taken in by a clique of monied heiresses headed by Diane, a seductive, sociopathic bon vivant. She attempts to mold Tess, but will Tess fight to remain her own person?”

Here are 5 reasons why we’re excited for The Bite:

5) The Creators!

The Bite is written and produced by Brian J Davis & Emily Schultz. Davis and Schultz are reuniting after working together on The Blondes. Back in 2019, Schultz had previously adapted her novel, The Blondes, into a podcast series in 2019 starring Madeline Zima (Painkillers). 

4) How’d They Do That!?!

Because the whole world is in the middle of a pandemic, Davis and Schultz found a way to safely work together with actors and musicians from their Brooklyn community. The principal recording on The Bite took place last December.  By linking three separate apartments together with 100-foot microphone and headphone cables, through windows and down stairwells — plus participants were wearing masks — they were able to keep everyone healthy and acting together in real-time.

3) The Cast!

Corrigan and Makholm, who also serves as the director, are joined by  Roberta Colindrez (Starz’s Vida), Rob Belushi (HBO’s Ballers), Ronald Peet (Netflix’s I-Land), Bree Elrod (Sean Baker’s Red Rocket), Grace C. Williams (Lena Waithe’s Rising).

2) The Music!

With Oldfather composing the music, there will also be creature-themed songs from Sparks, Television, The Misfits, and The Magnetic Fields. 

1) Here Come The Werewolf Jokes!

Are you kidding me?!? You had me at werewolf! Werewolves dude! As Lou Costello once said, “I’m sort of a wolf myself.”

The Bite will be available on March 16th, 2021 on ItunesSpotifyStitcher, and Audible.

By Jorge Solis

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