Astro, Gary Daniels,

Heading its way to the Cannes Film Festival, Film Life Factory, LLC and XVIII Entertainment, LLC production will excite audiences with the sci-fi thriller, Astro, starring  Gary Daniels, Dominique Swain, and Marshal Hilton. After director Asif Akbar  thrill audiences at Cannes, the film will soon arrive on DVD.

A billionaire’s private space exploration program returns to Earth. The program came back to our planet with an abducted extraterrestrial. What will the world uncover from from this newly discovered alien planet?

5) The Ensemble Cast!

The cast includes Louis Mandylor, Max Wasa, Omi Vaidya, Luke G. Crosby, Orson Chaplin, Gianni Capaldi, Spice Williams-Crosby, Courtney Akbar, Christopher Showerman and Michael Pare.

4) The Soundtrack!

With the score composed by Erick Schroeder, Brian Steele Medina of Gemini Syndrome will also be adding to the music. The alternative metal band will also distribute an unreleased track, “We Are the Fallen” for the soundtrack. In addition, Medina did the sound special effects for the trailer.

3) It’s About Aliens!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Astro was shoot in Roswell, New Mexico. As we all know from watching too X-Files episodes, Roswell holds a special place all alien conspiracy theory enthusiasts. The sci-fi thriller was also filmed on location in southeast Asia and Los Angeles.

2) The Book!

While Avail Films and XVIII Entertainment handle the world-wide sales at Cannes, Akbar and co-screenwriter Bernard Selling will be finishing up the Astro book series. The upcoming novel adaptation will be released on Amazon sometime in July.

1) The Building Of An Epic Franchise!

Akbar reveals, “We are excited to create and introduce a new modern day science-fiction franchise to the world.”

Astro will arrive on DVD in July.

By Jorge Solis