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Returning back to the stage after Last Bar at the End of the World, production has begun for the world premiere of Emmy and Ringo Award-winning cartoonist Dean Haspiel’s latest work, The War of Woo. Join the War of Woo Army and support the  innovative and important play. 

The War of Woo follows a diverse and dynamic group of New Yorkers, known as ”The Bombastic Four.” Together they explore the complicated, violent, and passionate relationship between Hollywood, Heaven, and Hell. Ultimately, this cross-dimensional love story sets in motion the cosmic genesis of New Brooklyn,

Here are 5 reasons why you should support The War of Woo:

5) The Cast!

The ensemble cast includes Philip Cruise, Seth Gilliam, Olivia Baseman, Christopher Lee, and Stoya. From his newsletter, Haspiel mentions, “My passion for sequential art and the stage finally hit an apex when I realized I’d written a theatrical prequel to my comix series—which makes sense, since THE WAR OF WOO is a play about the unholy merge between the kind and the profane.”

4) The Perks!

The amazing perks for supporters include signed show posters, tickets to the show, attendance at the Opening Night Party, and lunch with the cast. If you’re thinking of gaining comic book immortality, you will also become an illustrated figure in Dean’s graphic novel, The Red Hook: Volume Four.

3) An Enormous Impact!

According to the official Indiegogo page, director Philip Cruise states, “Any contribution to this project will have an enormous impact on our ability to present this kind, profane, and highly entertaining show and demonstrate that there is support out there for theater and the arts.” 

2) A Comix Theatrical Event!

Cruise adds, “The collective we’ve assembled for this production are SUNY Purchase colleagues and other Haspiel collaborators (such as Stoya) who believe in Dean’s emerging theatrical voice and have joined forces to present this Neo-Dadaist comix/theatrical event.”

1) Check Out The Trailer! 

The War of Woo will hold its world premiere in New York City at The Gene Frankel Theatre on March 19th, 2020 and will continue April 4, 2020.

By Jorge Solis

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