Finger Guns #1, Vault Comics

Capturing the spirit of John Hughes, Finger Guns #1 (Vault Comics) delivers an authentically touching portrayal of angst-ridden teens. Add two teenagers with superpowers, Finger Guns dives right into its concept with pop culture and humor.  

Two troubled teenagers discover they can manipulate emotions by firing finger guns. There will be laughs. There will be tears. There will be uncomfortable teen feelings and angst. Oh yeah.. And chaos. So much chaos. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should read Finger Guns #1:

5) The Writing!

Reflecting on the awkwardness of being a teenager, writer Justin Richards adds a fresh touch of fun when Sadie and Wes explore their powers. Notice how the teens are reflecting their own personal emotions onto others when they use their finger guns. Letterer Taylor Esposito emphasizes the inner sadness and romantic humor within the coming-of-age tale.

4) The Art!

Artist Val Halvorson illustrates two relatable teens who have their own personal issues with society, teen culture, and family. The backgrounds capture a growing suburbia with its own shopping mall and music stores. There’s a sweetness in the blossoming relationship between Wes and Sadie as they get to know each other. 

3) The Colors!

Colorist Rebecca Nalty uses different palettes when Sadie and Wes shoot from their finger guns. There’s a glowing brightness to the blue tones when Sadie uses her powers. The red hues from Wes’ powers are a different shade from his matching glasses and shirt.  

2) Super-powered Teens!

The narrative explores how two lonely teens seek out an emotional connection. High school brings out the worst in bullies. Being at home doesn’t even provide refuge for them.  

1) Teen Drama!

Finger Guns #1

A genuinely touching teen drama, Finger Guns #1 is driven by its fresh and witty humor. Readers will instantly fall in love with the two main characters. 

Finger Guns #1 arrives in stores on February 26th, 2020.  

By Jorge Solis

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