Attack of the Unknown, Attack

Gravitas Ventures delivers an action-packed police thriller, Attack of the Unknown, starring Jolene Andersen and Richard Grieco, with tons of sci-fi excess. Co-writer/director Brandon Slagle basks in the bombastic thrills of the alien invasion and police procedural aspects of the fast-paced narrative. 

In the middle of transporting a vicious cartel boss, an elite S.W.A.T. team loses their weapons and equipment. They suddenly become trapped inside a county detention center. Low on ammo, they must survive a catastrophic alien invasion.

5. Jolene Andersen

Jolene Andersen is fierce and unapologetic as the stoic-minded Hannah. Her focus throughout the bullet-riddled action is on surviving the mission.

4. Richard Grieco

At his most charismatic, Grieco gives it his all as the world-weary Vernon. Interestingly, Grieco visually tells the audience that Vernon is carrying the heavy burden of a consuming secret. Grieco’s rugged expressions capture a tired and downtrodden character on the verge of breaking down.  

3. The Aliens

There’s something noticeable about how the invaders move around in the scene.The extraterrestrial invaders walk at a slow pace as if they are observing others, as if this is the first time interacting with humans. They’re not completely soldiers, but there’s something violent about them as well.

2. The Writing

I don’t want to say too much about the movie’s ending. I think Slagle, Michael Mahal, and Sonny Mahal deserve a lot of credit for updating H. G. Well’s The War of the Worlds.  It’s a smart and modern spin on the sci-fi twist

1. A Fun Action Movie

Action junkies are going to get their desserts with Attack of the Unknown. So have a fun watch with this one!

Attack of the Unknown is now available to buy or rent on most major VOD platforms.

Written by Jorge Solis

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