Death Alley

Uncork’d Entertainment presents the hardboiled western, Death Alley, starring  Josh Outzen and Tristan Campbell. Writer/director Nicholas Barton looks at the western genre through philosophical lens and examines what it actually means to raise hell.  

PLOT: “Based on the TRUE STORY of the infamous Dalton Gang in their quest to become the Wild West’s most famous Outlaws. Hell-bent on upstaging their cousins, the Younger Klan and Jesse James, the brothers set out to do the unthinkable – rob two banks in one day in one town at the same time.” 

Here are five reasons why you should watch Death Alley:

5) The Dalton Gang!

This is a great ensemble cast put together for the screen. You really feel the brotherhood and chemistry between Emmett Dalton (Joshua R. Outzen), Bill Dalton (Justin France), and Great Dalton (Jake Washburn). It is impressive how these actors manage to portray their characters as protagonists and antagonists at the same time.  

4) The Outlaws!

The movie does a great job deconstructing the history behind the infamous Dalton Gang. Were these gunslingers forced to become criminals because of their economic situation? Were they able to escape the life of crime or was fate conspiring against them?

3) The Western!

Writer/director Nicholas Barton has made a character study of the Dalton gang rather than a shoot-em-up flick. This is about what makes each member ticks. Barton sets out to capture a gripping performance from his cast rather than focus in on a quick-draw contest. 

2) The Cinematography!

The camerawork by Naythan Smith evokes the moody vibe of the woods. Smith does a fine job capturing the period look through his lens. Viewers are looking at towns on the verge of economic collapse and stuck in time before modernization takes over. 

1) A Gripping Western! 

Writer/director Nicholas Barton does a great job at pushing the western to a different level. Western fans are really going to dig this one. 

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Written by Jorge Solis

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