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5 Reasons We Love ‘Death Kiss!’

Death Kiss, Uncork'd Entertainment

Uncork’d Entertainment delivers a nostalgic and gritty revenge thriller with Death Kiss, starring Robert Kovacs and Daniel Baldwin. With a solid cast, writer/director Rene Perez captures a visually stylish and action-packed thriller full of grit and conviction.   A vigilante with a mysterious past who goes to a crime-infested city and takes the law into […]

5 Reasons We Love Mischa Barton’s ‘The Basement!’

Mischa Barton Basement, Uncork’d Entertainment

(Courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment) Uncork’d Entertainment delivers a suspenseful and bloody thriller with riveting performances in, The Basement, starring Mischa Barton. Directors Brian M.Conley and Nathan Ives cleverly hold onto a hint of mystery that simmers nicely through the solid cast. Craig (Cayleb Long) is abducted and wakes up in a basement. His captor, Bill […]

5 Reasons To Get ‘The Jurassic Games’ DVD!

Jurassic Games DVD, Katie Burgess

(Courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment) Uncork’d Entertainment releases the action-packed sci-fi thriller, The Jurassic Games — starring Ryan Merriman, Perrey Reeves, and Adam Hampton — onto DVD and Blu-Ray. Relive your favorite dinosaur-chomping moments from director Ryan Bellgardt’ as you watch the bonus features included! As we previously mentioned, in the near future, every year 10 of […]

5 Reasons We Love ‘Minutes To Midnight!’

Minutes Midnight, Richard Grieco

(Courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment) Containing intense moments filled with must-see action and scares, Uncork’d Entertainment delivers a genuinely gritty horror movie, Minutes to Midnight, starring William Baldwin and Richard Grieco. Director Christopher Ray achieves a tone of grittiness that never relents! What happens when a night of fun turns into a night of horror?  Seven friends […]

Interview: Actress Katie Burgess Talks ‘The Jurassic Games!’

Jurassic Games DVD, Actress Katie Burgess, Jurassic Games

(Courtesy of High Octane Pictures, Boiling Point Media, Uncork’d Entertainment) Not only do we have a must-see clip from her upcoming movie, Villain Media has an exclusive interview with actress Katie Burgess as she discusses The Jurassic Games, the sci-fi/action thriller from High Octane Pictures, Boiling Point Media, and Uncork’d Entertainment. In the near future, can these […]

5 Reasons We Love Danny Trejo’s ‘Cartel 2045!’

Cartel 2045, Danny Trejo

(Courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment) A grindhouse-inspired sci-fi/crime drama from Uncork’d Entertainment, Cartel 2045 (aka Juarez 2045) boasts strong performances from the unforgettable Danny Trejo, the charismatic Oscar Olivares, and the dynamic Brad Schmidt! Writer/director Chris Le nails the campy thrills along with the 70s’ feel. In 2045, the continuing drug war has caused havoc between […]

5 Reasons We Love “Gehenna: Where Death Lives!”

Gehenna, Death Lives

(Courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment) A satisfying supernatural fest from Uncork’d Entertainment, Gehenna: Where Death Lives delivers the thrills and scares with such suspenseful precision. In his directorial debut, visual effects artist Hiroshi Katagiri (Pacific Rim) captures the eeriness of its remote setting and the gripping performances of its ensemble cast. A group of five people are exploring […]

Interview: Actress Jamie Bernadette Talks “Killing Joan!”

Jamie Bernadette, Killing Joan

(Courtesy of Uncork’d Media) Villain Media has an exclusive interview with actress Jamie Bernadette as she knocks down doors and kicks butt in the action-packed supernatural thriller from Uncork’d Entertainment, Killing Joan. Get ready to watch mobsters run for their very lives as a vengeance-seeking assassin hunts them down.   Joan Butler (Bernadette) is a […]