the shed

The Mooncat Picture Company presents the adrenaline-pumping thrill ride, The Shed, starring Eva Hamilton and Stacey Nelkin. The Mooncats delivered a exciting throwback horror movie with an absolutely awesome cast. 

The Plot: A struggling escort responds to an advertisement for a Housesitter, only to discover the subverted agenda of a desperate Mother.

Here are 5 reasons why you should watch The Shed:

5) Eva Hamilton!

Eva Hamilton is exceptional as the lead actress. Her charisma is on full display in each scene as she highlights the emotion and scares with her facial expressions. As Whitney, Hamilton showcases her range in a character that asks her to be vulnerable, downtrodden, and tough. 

4) The Throwback Vibe!

The lighting and cinematography by Eric Ortiz echoes a late 70s/early 80s feel. Movie lovers will definitely get a kick out of the tributes to Evil Dead and Alice, Sweet Alice. The retro camerawork will definitely get eyes glued to the screen. 

3) The Music!

The unforgettable score by Karl Casey and White Bat Audio adds more to the throwback vibe. The ‘80s electronic synths add momentum to the suspenseful sequences in the third act. The hypnotic score will get audiences hooked during the opening credits. 

2) The Direction!

With the special effects by Jessie Seitz, The Mooncats have an understanding of what looks good and what feels necessary for the camera. When do you tease the monster hiding in the shadows? When do you give the full reveal to the audience?  

1) A Fun Thrill Ride!

The Shed does a great job delivering the throwback vibes and horror goods. Right from the start, audiences will become enamored by the lead performance of Eva Hamilton. 

The Shed will have its WORLD PREMIERE at For the Love of Horror UK Convention on October 22nd and 23rd at 9am in MANCHESTER, UK.

By Jorge Solis

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