Just in time for spooky season, horror aficionados will definitely want to check out the extreme new entries from HorrorTales.666 Part 3, starring Windy Hamilton and Alysia Ingrim. The directing team have taken.a peek at horror’s underground and filmed their own brutal and provoking short entries. 

PLOT: “Guess who is back? The Burglar (JOEL D. WYNKOOP) is once again back for more stories. All new sleazy tales promise more mayhem, gore and terror. As always past stars will pop up to be a part of the horror.’

Here are 5 reasons why you should watch HorrorTales.666 Part 3:

5) Vessel!

Saving the best for last, Vessel works so well because of its ensemble cast. Actress Windy Hamilton does a tremendous job with facial expressions and conveys the sense of dread very well. Alysia Ingrim also does a terrific job playing the world-weary and haunted exorcist Lily. This is the short film that makes the whole anthology worth the watch!

4) Raw & Brutal!

The short segment, Screams Are Heard From A Tucked Away Brick Home In The Woods. Stands out from the bunch because of its rawness and brutalism. The nudity in this segment really aims into the world of exploitation and really hits the target. Viewers will definitely feel something by the end.  

3) The Guest Appearances!

Eagle-eyed horror fans should be on the lookout for some of their favorite cult stars appearing throughout the anthology. Make sure to spot Debbie D and a cameo from Butch Patrick, aka Eddie Munster himself from The Munsters.

2) The Directing!

The directing team of  Derek Braasch, Marcelo Fabani, Phil Herman, James Panetta, and Anthony Piseno have put together a well-crafted horror anthology. Each segment is different in tone, yet still successfully manages to build to a shocking climax. 

1) It Rules!

The HorrorTales.666 Part 3 anthology combines elements of horror, crime, and dark humor. The cast portrays well-rounded characters meant for a terrible fate. 

HorrorTales.666 Part 3 will be released on October 15, 2020. 

By Jorge Solis

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