5 Reasons To Get ‘The Wicked + The Divine: 1923’ (Image Comics)!

Wicked Divine 1923, Image Comics

(Courtesy of Image Comics)

A terrific page-turner, The Wicked + The Divine: 1923 (Image Comics) takes on new ground that will satisfy both longtime fans and new readers. This oversized special installment accomplishes something very surreal and experimental as a comics-prose hybrid.

Every ninety years, twelve gods return as young people. These twelves gods are loved, hated for about two years, before they are all dead. The year is 1923, it’s happening now; it’s happening again.

Here are 5 reasons why you should get The Wicked + The Divine: 1923:

5) The Novel I Never Knew I Wanted!

Diving into the experiment, writer Kieron Gillen captures the suspense and mystery in his eloquent prose. Exploring the premise, Gillen uses the names of the characters and switches a few genders around. I swear if Gillen comes up with The Wicked + The Divine novel, I’m buying the book!

4) The Artwork!

When the prose narrative jumps back into the comic book narrative, artist Aud Koch captures the 1920s time period beautifully with the fancy wardrobe and luxurious backgrounds. Koch takes readers into the forefront of a classic Agatha Christie setting.  

3) The Black & White Colors!

Koch desaturates the illustrations, using only one primary tone throughout a few times. It’s impressive how the red splash stands out in the heavy shadows.   

2) The Lettering!

Very rarely do I write about the lettering, which is why Clayton Cowles’ work really stood out. Each character’s dialogue has a different font, as if they have a specific way of speaking. I don’t know for sure, but I’m wondering if Cowles also did the lettering for the prose section.

1) A Fantastic Read!

Readers should get ready because the first page of The Wicked + The Divine: 1923 will rock your world. With the artwork so breathtaking and the characters so lively,  you’re going to want to get your hands on The Wicked + The Divine series!



Four out of four emojis

The Wicked + The Divine: 1923 arrives in stores February 7th, 2017.

– By Jorge Solis

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