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5 Reasons To Get ‘Unearth’ #2 (Image Comics)!

Unearth #2, Image

With shocking body horror imagery, Unearth #2 (Image Comics) continues the surreal nightmarish mystery at a gripping pace. As an effective ensemble drama, the Unearth series develops the characters while cranking up the gross-out factor.  Escorted by military hard cases, a group of scientists descend into a strange cave system in hopes of unlocking the […]

5 Reasons To Get ‘Ascender’ #1 (Image Comics)!

Ascender #1, Image Comics

(Courtesy of Image Comics) Solemn, haunting, and visually stunning, Ascender #1 (Image Comics) introduces a riveting post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller with an underlying sense of innocence. Set ten years after the conclusion of Descender, the first installment of Ascender establishes a gritty world with a stunning landscape and a melancholy mood.  Mila, the daughter of Andy […]